Brecken Gold CBD Oil Coupon Code

Breckenridge Hemp offers very pure CBD manufactured and hand picked adhering to the highest standards in the industry. They use MCT coconut oil grown organically and do not use solvents for extraction like most producers of CBD. The company makes pharmaceutical grade products called Brecken Gold. Click Buy Product and use coupon code “Canna10” to take 10% of your order.


You can shop the Brecken Gold products such as oil drops, salve, lotions, vape, gummies and sleep aids. They offer 250 mg to 12,000 mg extracts of CBD and their vape is 99% CBD. Of course none of the products contain THC and they offer terpenes, phytocompounds and the full spectrum of Cannabidiols from hemp. The business is located in Colorado in the towns of Vail and Breckenridge. They are committed to superior natural CBD manufacturing processes such as organic growing and lipid extraction. Their entire process from seed to harvest and packaging is handled meticulously.

Breckenridge Hemp does not use the CO2 extraction like most other producers as it breaks down the hemp compounds and puts them out of natural balance. Lipid (fatty oil) extraction uses vegetable oils, heat and then pressure to take out the active ingredients of hemp in their naturally occurring form. Some CBD manufactures use chemicals like propane or ethanol to extract CBD. The simple wholesome ingredients list in Brecken Gold products show that they never use chemicals.